Digital Banking

Manage your finances anytime and anywhere with IMCU Digital Banking. See below for enrollment guides, tutorials and features of mobile and online platforms.

Please note: You will need to use a recent version (last 2 releases) of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or the last version of Microsoft Edge.
Online Banking is NOT accessible through Internet Explorer.
Exciting Features:
  • Payment and card features give you more control
  • Transfer features provide more access and more options
  • "Card Swap" feature offers seamless transition with expired, reissued or lost/stolen cards
  • "Pay by Card" feature offers ability to pay recurring bills with your debit card
  • Nickname accounts for easy identification
  • Send money via your IMCU debit card to anyone with an email/mobile phone number
  • Robust financial tools allow access to your full financial portfolio
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  • Enrollment/Access to Accounts
  • General Consumer Banking FAQs
  • Commercial Banking FAQs
Enrollment Instructions

View the videos below to learn more about our new Digital Banking! 
Basic Online Banking & Login Process:
Retail Online Banking Video
  • Transfers to send funds to and from own accounts
  • Send funds internally from Member2Member
  • Link accounts
  • Set up external accounts to transfer to
  • Sending funds to others, regardless of financial institution, through P2P
  • Payment options and locations
  • Secure messages
  • Transactions processed through online banking including single and recurring transactions, as well as deposited checks
  • Card controls for debit and credit cards
  • Stop payment requests
  • Branch locations 

Commercial Online Banking Video
  • Commercial users and rights assigned to that user
  • Providing access to users
  • Managing types of transactions users have access to, as well as drafts and approvals
  • Manage limits, remove access, provide view, deposit and withdraw rights
  • Access custom features
  • Manage payment templates
  • Mobile authorization and notification to users
  • Managing transactions (approving, cancel, notify, inquire)
  • ACH transactions, Wires, Payment from Files (payroll, collection, batch, ACH pass-thru, tax payments)
  • Subsidiary management
  • Mobile authorizations
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Keep it simple, with online banking.