Digital Banking

Manage your finances anytime and anywhere with IMCU Digital Banking. See below for enrollment guides, tutorials and features of mobile and online platforms.

Please note: You will need to use a recent version (last 2 releases) of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or the last version of Microsoft Edge.
Online Banking is NOT accessible through Internet Explorer.
Exciting Features:
  • Payment and card features give you more control
  • Transfer features provide more access and more options
  • "Card Swap" feature offers seamless transition with expired, reissued or lost/stolen cards
  • Nickname accounts for easy identification
  • Send money via your IMCU debit card to anyone with an email/mobile phone number
  • Robust financial tools allow access to your full financial portfolio
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Multi-Factor Login Options

We are excited to introduce you to the new way you can now authenticate yourself when you login to IMCU Digital Banking. 

This improvement is user-friendly, secure and will improve security.

So what is improving? 

  • Improved login method via biometric authentication 

  • No need for an additional app 

  • Easy self-service password reset

  • Peace of mind knowing you are using best-in-class security measures

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More Details

Tutorials & Step by Step instructions

View the videos below to learn more about our new Digital Banking! 

Basic Online Banking & Login Process:

 Retail Online Banking Video
  • Transfers to send funds to and from own accounts

  • Send funds internally from Member2Member

  • Link accounts

  • Set up external accounts to transfer to

  • Sending funds to others, regardless of financial institution, through P2P

  • Payment options and locations

  • Secure messages

  • Transactions processed through online banking including single and recurring transactions, as well as deposited checks

  • Card controls for debit and credit cards

  • Stop payment requests

  • Branch locations 

Commercial Online Banking Video

  • Commercial users and rights assigned to that user

  • Providing access to users

  • Managing types of transactions users have access to, as well as drafts and approvals

  • Manage limits, remove access, provide view, deposit and withdraw rights

  • Access custom features

  • Manage payment templates

  • Mobile authorization and notification to users

  • Managing transactions (approving, cancel, notify, inquire)

  • ACH transactions, Wires, Payment from Files (payroll, collection, batch, ACH pass-thru, tax payments)

  • Subsidiary management

  • Mobile authorizations

Instructional Documents & Videos:
  • Enrollment/Access to Accounts
  • General Consumer Banking FAQs
  • Commercial Banking FAQs
  • Multi-factor Authentication FAQs
  • Resetting Password
  • Setting Up Alerts
  • How to Link an Account
  • How to Add an External Account
Tax Information

Tax documents, 1099-INT, can be found within digital banking by clicking on Statements and then selecting the account you wish to view. If more than one account number is listed, select the lowest number. Once in the statements portal under Monthly Statements select Tax Statement. 1099s are only produced when you earn $10 or more in interest.

Mortgage Tax documents, 1098, can be found within digital banking by clicking on Services and then selecting Manage Mortgage. Once in the mortgage portal select Documents and then choose Statements.

1099-R/1099-SA/1099-Q cannot be found online. These will be mailed out by January 31st. If you do not receive them within a few weeks, please contact Member Services at 317-248-8556.

5498/5498-SA/5498-ESA will not be generated until mid-late May. They are to be post-marked by 5/31/2023. Please contact Member Services at 317-248-8556 if you need your Contribution amounts.

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Keep it simple, with online banking.