Cyber Security

Protect Yourself.

In today’s world, we all need to take the extra step to ensure our personal information is protected. IMCU offers the following options to assist in guarding you from the unknown.
Consider setting up email or text alerts in Digital Banking. Alerts can be set for certain events, when your balance reaches a certain dollar amount, when a certain transaction occurs on your account, when an item clears, for invalid login or ID changes, or even for personal alerts.

To set up these alerts, login to Digital Banking, and click on “Settings”, then “Alerts”.
Card Controls
The IMCU mobile app offers the ability to set controls on your debit card.

Turn your debit card on and off. If you lose your debit card, you can turn it off with the swipe of a finger in order to protect yourself from unwanted charges. If you find it later, just log back into the app and turn it back on.

Traveling? Let us know! To avoid any interruptions using your debit card, schedule a travel alert (also found in the card control section of your app). This alert will allow for your card to continue working as normal while you travel. You set the dates you travel and minimize the time you would spend making a phone call or visiting a branch!
Freeze Credit 
A security freeze will prevent potential lenders from accessing your credit report. In the event a thief is attempting to get a loan under your name/social security number, having a freeze on your account will protect you. There can be a cost associated with a freeze. For complete details on freezing your credit we recommend you visit one of the major three credit bureaus:

 Lost/Stolen Cards
 If your debit card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at 800.325.3678

 You also have the ability to use the Card Control function via the IMCU mobile app and turn your card off.