Consumer Lending

Indiana Members Credit Union offers personal, unsecured loans for a variety of needs.

Consider a Consumer Loan for:

  • Consolidating Debt
  • Paying off Credit Cards
  • Small Home Improvements
  • Home Appliances

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Expanding, Remodeling, Need Extra Cash?

Let IMCU help you achieve your dreams.



Shopping for a new vehicle?

Let us help from the beginning. Indiana Members Credit Union Auto Advisor, Brent Wolfcale, can help you locate your next vehicle and help you save money in the process with member pricing! Search local dealers for your next vehicle with confidence you are getting a good deal.  Click here to search!

Investment Services


If you’re getting started, ready to retire or are already enjoying retirement, we can help!

Discounted Tickets

Member's benefits go beyond the credit union 

View discounted tickets available to you!