Pay a Loan with Card

You now have the option to pay an IMCU loan with a debit card!  Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover® debit cards are accepted.
Click the "Make Payment" button to get started.

Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding this new service! 
Is there a fee to make a payment?
No! At this time, there is no fee to utilize this service
What loans are eligible for payment?
Leases, credit cards, and 1st mortgages are NOT eligible for payment. All other loan types are eligible
What forms of payment are accepted?
ACH, Visa®, MasterCard®, & Discover® debit cards are accepted. 
Do I have to Register?
No! You may choose to register for quick accessibility, or you may choose Express Pay
What is my Member Number?
You may find your member number on your IMCU Statement or by visiting a branch location. For your safety, we do not provide your member number by phone or email.
What if we could not verify your information?
Some information may have been entered incorrectly. Please be sure to enter the PRIMARY member’s information. If you are unsure who is primary on your loan, please contact us at 800-556-9268. We can also confirm your email address.
When will my payment be reflected on my loan?
Payments made prior to 6PM ET will post before 8PM on the same day. Payment made after 6PM ET will post the following day.
What if I forget my password?
You must use the “Forgot your Password” link and enter your email address. We are unable to assist with your password via phone or email. If you are unsure of your email address, please contact us at 800-556-9268.
I am trying to register for the first time and I get a message that says my account is unavailable for 24 hours. How do I resolve this?
This error will result if you provide incorrect responses to the validation questions. After 24 hours, you may attempt registration again by providing correct responses.