Business Loan Application Instructions

Thank you for choosing IMCU to assist you with your commercial lending needs.  We are committed to providing excellent member service and a diverse range of products to meet your financial goals.

Commercial loan application
Print a commercial loan application to get the process started.

application instructions
Listed below are step-by-step instructions to complete the application.  Attach additional sheets if necessary. In order to expedite and simplify the application process, please provide the following, along with your completed application.

  • A current Personal Financial Statement for EACH Borrower and Guarantor
  • Two years of personal tax returns for EACH Borrower and Guarantor with all schedules
  • A copy of all K-1's
  • Three years of complete business federal tax returns
  • A year-to-date balance sheet and income statement if the last year-end is more than 90 days from application
  • Income and expense projections for at least one year may be required, depending on request 
  • Additional items may be required
Please send your completed application packet to:
       Indiana Members Credit Union
       Business Services & Lending
       5103 Madison Avenue
       Indianapolis, Indiana 46227

Or, you may drop it off at any IMCU branch