New Digital Banking FAQs

Accessing Your Account
How do I access Mobile Banking?
You will need to update your existing app or visit the app store to download the new app in order to access your accounts. You will use your current username and password to login the first time. You will be prompted to change your password after your first login.
How do I access Online Banking?
You will continue to access online banking through the same link on the IMCU home page as you have previously. Click the Log In button at the top right of the screen and login.
What is my username and password?
If you have logged into the previous digital banking platform (NetTeller) before, your initial username and password will be the same the first time you log in. You will be asked to create a new password your initial log in.
I'm getting an error when I try to login, why?
Please confirm you are using the correct browser: a recent version (last 2 released) of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or the last version of Microsoft Edge. Online banking is NOT accessible through Internet Explorer. Once the login screen appears, enter your current username and password. If you are still encountering issues logging in, please contact Member Services at 800.556.9268. If you are a Commercial Cash Management member please email or call Treasury Services Department directly at | 317.554.3179
Is there any action required to start using the new Online Banking system?
Yes. In order to avoid delays in accessing the new system, please update your contact information to ensure the information we have on record is accurate.  When we move to the new system, we will send a Secure Access Code to the phone number/email address on our records and you will not be able to access the system without it.
What is a Secure Access Code (SAC)?
An Secure Access Code (SAC) is a unique, single-use 6-digit code which protects against fraud by safeguarding your online transactions and sensitive information. A SAC is another level of authentication in addition to your Login ID and password, providing you stronger online security.
How will my SAC be sent to me?
You choose how you want to receive your SAC: by text, email, or phone. We need your current contact information for you to receive your SAC.
Do I have to enter a SAC every time I log in or conduct an online transaction?
For the vast majority of member accounts, no. Once you have setup a SAC, you have the option to register your computer or device. Once your computer or device is registered, you will skip the SAC requirement when you log in again. To register your computer or device, click, "Register Device." Members who are Commercial Cash Management users are required to enter a SAC at each login.
I'm enrolled in Online Banking. Can I use my Online Banking Log in credentials for Mobile banking?
Yes. Online and Mobile Banking is one seamless user experience utilizing a single User ID and Password.
How do I change my password?
Log in to Online Banking. Select Security Preferences under the Services menu. Select Change Password. Enter your old password, create a new password, and confirm your new password following the onscreen password criteria.
Mobile Banking
Will I need to download a new mobile app?
If you already have our IMCU App, and have an Apple® device, the app should update automatically. Android users will need to download the new Indiana Members Credit Union App.
How much does Mobile Banking cost?
You may use the service for no cost, however your wireless carrier may charge you fees related to this service.
Is Mobile Banking secure?
Yes, our Mobile Banking service utilizes best practice security services such as HTTPS, TLS encryption, password access, biometrics and application time-out when not in use. Only the phones that you enroll can access your bank accounts and no account data is ever stored on your phone.
Can I access Bill Pay through Mobile Banking?
Yes. You will have the ability to send payments from your mobile device.
Is your Mobile Banking app supported on my mobile phone?
Our Mobile Banking is supported on most iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices. You can also use mobile phones with a mobile web browser that supports cookies.
Can I still deposit a check via the mobile app?
Yes. Once logged in, select Deposit Check at the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts.
Account Details
How do I update my contact information?
You can update your contact information in Online Banking. Log in and select the Settings tab and click on Address Change to view and edit your contact information including mobile phone number and email address. Or you can contact Member Services at 800.556.9268.
Will my transaction history transfer over to the new system?
Yes.  At initial login, you will have access to 6 months of transaction history. Over time, the system will eventually hold up to 24 months of transaction history.
Will I have access to my eStatement history?
Yes. You will continue to have access to 2 years of eStatements.
Will my scheduled transfers convert over to the new Online Banking system?
Any transactions (e.g. recurring transfers, bill payments) previously scheduled in the current Online Banking System, will be carried over to the new system and processed as normal.
How do I nickname an account?
Once logged in, click Menu, Settings, Account Preferences and your accounts will display. You can select the account you want to update, click on the pencil under "Online Display Name", and enter the name of the account you would like to display.
Where do I find my minimum payment for my credit card?
If it is your first time, you will need to register your credit card. Then go to "Card Services" and then "Manage Credit Card" you will then find the minimum payment for your credit card.
Commercial Accounts
Are there tutorials available for accessing my commercial accounts?
View the step by step videos covering basic online functions such as viewing balances, transaction history, performing account transfers, Bill Payment, and more. In-depth training for outgoing Wire Transfer initiation and ACH transaction origination will be offered separately to users of those services. These can be located on the Digital Banking Landing Page.
Will I be able to view my business accounts via the Mobile App?
Yes. You will be able to view accounts as well as utilize many of the mobile app features.
Which 3 letters do I use when linking a business account with another account?
The first 3 letters of the business name will be used for both.
New Features
What are the new features available?
There are many new features available. Some of them include: New payment and card features, new transfer features providing more access and more options, new “Card Swap” feature offering seamless transition with expired, reissued or lost/stolen cards, new “Pay by Card” feature offering ability to pay recurring bills with your debit card, more robust financial tools allow access to your full financial portfolio, as well as the ability to nickname accounts for easy identification, send money to anyone using your IMCU debit card with just an email or mobile phone number and so much more.
Why did we change?
We understand change can be challenging, but we are excited to offer the latest technology and services to our members. Here are a few of the exciting new features:

  • New payment and card features give you more control
  • New transfer features provide more access and more options
  • New "Card Swap" feature offers seamless transition with expired, reissued or lost/stolen cards
  • New "Pay by Card" feature offers ability to pay recurring bills with your debit card
  • Nickname accounts for easy identification
  • Send money via your IMCU debit card to anyone with an email/mobile phone number
  • Robust financial tools allow access to your full financial portfolio
What are the differences between Bill Pay, Pay by Card and Card Swap Features?
Bill Pay offers the ability to pay an external bill (non-IMCU loan) using your checking account. Pay by Card offers the ability to make payments to an IMCU loan using a non-IMCU debit or credit card. Card Swap connects your debit or credit card to an external site (streaming services) such as Netflix, Hulu and many other services and will automatically update when your card is expired or replaced.
How do I add an external account?
Once logged in, click Menu, Transfers, and Add External Account, and follow the prompts.
How do I link member to member accounts?
Once logged in, click Menu, Transfers, and Member2Member, and select Link Account. Enter the information requested and click Submit.
Additional Questions
Are there minimum browser requirements for the new Online Banking system?
Yes. You will need to use a recent version (last 2 released) of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or the last version of Microsoft Edge. Online banking is NOT accessible through Internet Explorer.
Where are statements located?
You can find your statements under Menu, Statements.
What are my transfer options?
There are many transfer options now available. Funds Transfer will allow you to transfer funds between your IMCU accounts and any external accounts owned by you that you have linked. Member2Member will allow you to transfer to an IMCU account. Send Money (P2P), allows transfers using your IMCU debit card to send money to anyone with a phone number or email address.
How will I access the Bill Payment service?
You can access the new Bill Payment service by logging into Online Banking and selecting “Bill Payment” under the “Payments” tab. All your existing activity, payees, and payment templates will be available.
Will I need to do anything after the upgrade regarding Bill Pay?
No action is required. All previously entered Bill Pay information (i.e. payees, scheduled payments, recurring payments, etc.) will remain in your online Bill Pay profile.
Can I send a message to IMCU through Digital Banking?
Yes. Once logged in, select Messages from the menu. All messages will be posted there, and you can select the pencil icon to start a new message. On the desktop, the icon is at the upper right of the screen. On the app, the icon is at the lower right.
Using Microsoft Edge, I'm getting the SAC every time I login. Why?
Under Settings > Privacy, review the setting pertaining to clearing cookies when the browser is closed. 
How do I nickname a linked Member2Member Account?
Navigate to Settings > Account Preferences and make the change.
Can I change my Login ID?
Yes. Login and navigate to Settings > Security Settings > Change Login ID
Why can't I see all my options on my screen, when logged in?
It's possible you need to adjust your resolution. If you set it to 100% or less, you should be able to view the entire screen and all options.
Quicken Issue: I'm getting a message that says "Institution cannot be verified. What should I do?
You will need to disconnect the old account before connecting the new one.
I linked external accounts but am not able to transfer to/from.
There are two places you can link external accounts. If you entered your username/password for the external account, this is adding the account to PFM (budgeting) only. You will need to add the external account by clicking on Transfers > Add External Account and enter the routing and account number.
This will send 2 micro deposits to the external account that will need to be verified by clicking on the "Verify External Account" option. Once the account has been verified, you will be able to transfer to/from.