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With one powerful tool, access your credit score, full credit report, credit monitoring, financial tips, and education.

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Access your credit score and report in our mobile app and online banking.

What is credit score and more?
Credit score and More helps you stay on top of your credit by providing your latest credit score and report and understanding key factors that impact the score. It also monitors your credit daily and informs you by email if any significant changes are detected, such as a new account being opened, a change in address, employment, delinquency, or inquiry has been reported. Credit Score and More is entirely free to Indiana Members Credit Union consumers.

*Please note: If you share a login with another person on your account, the primary member's score information will be displayed. In order to see the joint member's score, they will need to create their own digital banking login credentials by selecting "Enroll Consumer" on the first page of the IMCU App, or via IMCU.COM, by selecting "Login" and then "Enroll - Consumer". 
DOes Credit score and more offer credit monitoring as well?
Yes! Credit Score and More will monitor and send email alerts when there has been a change to your credit profile. 
What if the information provided by Credit Score and More appears to be wrong or inaccurate? 
Credit Score and More make it best to show the most relevant information from a credit report. If you think some information is wrong or inaccurate, you can obtain a free credit report from here and then dispute inaccuracies with each bureau individually. Each bureau has its process for correcting inaccurate information, but every Indiana Members Credit Union Credit Score and More. Transunion will share this with the other bureaus if the inaccuracy is verified.
Will accessing credit score and more "ding" my credit and potentially lower my credit score?
Credit Score and More is a "Soft Inquiry" which does not affect a credit score. Lenders use "Hard Inquires" to make decisions about creditworthiness when you apply for loans.
How often is the credit score updated? 
The credit score will be updated every seven days and displayed in mobile and online banking. You can click "Refresh Score" as often as every day for an updated credit score.

It is time to take control of your Credit Score and More. Click the link above to log into your digital banking. Then, enroll now by clicking "enroll" on the widget in digital banking!