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Fee Disclosure

General Fees

The "General Fees" may be charged to any type of IMCU account.
General Fees Fee Amount
NSF Check Deposit Fees: 
NSF Check Dep $8.00
NSF Check Dep 2x $32.00
NSF Ck Dep Bus $32.00
NSF Ck Dep Self $32.00
NSF Check Reclear $5.00
Foreign Ck Dep $7.00
Dep Ck Copy Fee $5.00
Tran Voucher Fee $5.00
Phone Transfer $3.00
Statement Copy  $5.00 
History Copy $3.00
Doc Research Fee $32.00/hour
Notary Fee (if over 10 pages/mo.) $2.00/page
Wire In Fee $10.00
Wire Transfer Fees:
Wire Out in USA $25.00
Wire Out Foreign $75.00
EFT Stop Payment $32.00
EFT NSF Fee $32.00
Legal Fee $50.00
Money Order Fee $2.00
Cashiers Check Fee $5.00
VOD Fee $10.00
Coin DepFee (member) 5% of amount
Coin DepFee (non-member) 10% of amount
Collection Item (svc for non-member businesses, only after 1st presentment) $10.00
CK Cashing Fee $3.00
FI2FI NSF Fee $32.00
P2P Transfer Fee $1.00
Paper Statement Fee (exempt if under age 18 & over age 60) $2.00
Reg D Fee (eff. 5/1/14)(See Regulation D limitations on page 2 of Account Agreement and Disclosure) $5.00

Savings Account Fees

Savings Account Fees Fee Amount
Excess WD Fee (above 3 per mo.) $3.00
Re-Open Acct Fee $15.00
Bad Address Fee $1.00/mo.
Dormant Account Charge (no activity for 36 months, balance less than $1,000) $5.00
Locator Fee (annual fee for accounts with bad address and no activity during June) $32.00
Low Balance Fee (under $2,500 in Money Market at month-end) $5.00/mo.

Checking Acccount Fees

Checking Account Fees Fee Amount
NSF Clearing Fee (created by checks or electronic debits) $32.00
Returned Ck Fee $32.00
Stop Payment Fees:
regular or mass stop payment with signed form $32.00
regular or mass stop payment by phone ($13 refunded when signed form received) $45.00
Transfer Fee (overdraft protection) $6.00
Check Copy Fees:
with clearing date $2.00
with no clearing date or trace # $4.00
Check Recon Fee ($16 min.) Check Recon Fee ($16 min.)
Re-Open Account Fee $15.00
Service Charge (under $1,000 in Preferred Checking) $5.00
Inactivity Fee (no activity for 6 months) $5.00/mo.
Check Printing Charge Varies
Fresh Start Checking
Frsh Strt Set-Up $25.00
Frsh Strt Fee $10.00/mo.
Business Checking Fees (see separate Fee Disclosure)

Debit & ATM Card Fees

Debit & ATM Card Fees Fee Amount
Chargeback Fee $32.00
Card Reissue Fee $8.00
Debit/ATM NSF $32.00
ATM Transaction Fees:
Transactions at IMCU, Allpoint and Alliance One Network ATMs Free
Transactions at Other ATMs:
Deposits Free
ATM Withdrawal Fee $2.50
ATM Transfer Fee $2.50 
ATM Inquiry Fee $2.50
Eff. 3/1/18 Subject to change.