Credit Card FAQs

rewards points
If you currently have an IMCU credit card with rewards, you can continue to redeem your points through the transition and your remaining points will be transferred to your new card.
imcu credit card number
You will receive a new IMCU credit card, with a new credit card number. Please prepare to adjust your card number for any automatic payments you may have be gathering a list of locations to update. This will assist in a smooth transition.
mastercard® brand
All new IMCU Credit Cards will display the MasterCard® brand.
activate your new card
Call 800.631.3197 (the number on the sticker of your new card) from the primary phone number on your account. Be prepared to answer a few security questions based on the primary card holder's information. Be sure to destroy your old IMCU credit card.
access imcu credit card information
You know have access to your credit card history when you log in to Digital Banking and select "Card Services", then "Credit Card".
bill payment
If you pay your credit card by Bill Pay, please update with the new address:
Indiana Members Credit Union
P.O. Box 71050
Charlotte, NC  28272-1050
recurring payments
Notify any vendors with recurring payments that your credit card has a new expiration date. Examples of these are: home utilities, gym memberships
create a new pin
To create a new PIN for your new card, call 888.886.0083