National Nurse and Teacher Appreciation

Indiana Members Credit Union is celebrating National Nurse and Teacher Appreciation week May 8-12, 2023!

We recognize and appreciate the impact these essential workers have on our community. Thank you to those who nominated. We received an incredible amount of nominations for many deserving nurses and teachers. Thank you for your service, dedication and commitment. 

Below are this years' winners of IMCU's National Nurse and Teacher Appreciation, each receiving a $500 Mastercard gift card!

Nurse Spotlight: Ashlee E., RN

Deaconess Women's Hospital

Teacher Spotlight: Isaac H.

Fall Creek Valley Middle School - 8th Grade Social Studies 

In February Ashlee was my labor and delivery nurse, from the moment Ashlee started her shift she treated me as if I was her sister making my whole experience wonderful! She always made sure I had everything I needed, along with making sure I understood my choices and respected them! It is obvious Ashlee genuinely loves what she does and it shows through her enthusiasm. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for her genuine heart, the constant encouragement, but most importantly making me feel strong and empowered to get through the delivery of my baby girl! After connecting with others who have had Ashlee as a nurse she is more than deserving of this award! - Nominated by Emily C.
Watching Ike make a difference for others through his work as a middle school teacher has been one of the proud highlights in my life. During the height of the pandemic, Ike served on a curriculum building committee for his school to ensure that the lessons taught in a virtual environment continued to be effective for his students, and to ensure all students had access to the learning they needed. But most importantly, the difference he is making in the life of his students is real and life changing. Here is what one of his students said about him: "Mr. H. is a favorite teacher at Fall Creek Valley. He teaches social studies and is very passionate about teaching at all times. Mr. H. is a teacher that is always really close to all of his students. He's always trying to make us laugh. He makes sure to change up his class so that we're not doing the same thing every day. He always wants to make sure that his students understand and are doing good and not having a bad day." When not in the classroom, you can find Ike coaching tennis, wrestling, or baseball, cheering on his students in the front row at the play or music concert, disc golfing or spending time with his family. As a dad, your biggest wish is for your child to be raised to be kind and make a difference, and it makes me so proud to see Ike is doing just this. - Nominated by Terry H.

Nurse Spotlight: Maria C., RN, OCN

Riverview Health

Teacher Spotlight: Caitlin E.

Lawrence Central High School - Resource Teacher for Exceptional Leaners

Maria is one of the most exceptional nurses I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is a long-time oncology/infusion nurse who is one of the most caring people I have ever known. She is one of the first healthcare professionals patients meet when beginning chemotherapy. After one treatment with Maria, patients are put at ease by her excellent bedside manner. She connects to patients on a human level and becomes their personal cheerleader on their journey of cancer treatment. She will even give her personal cell phone number to patients to ensure they know that they always have someone to call with a problem or concern. She stays late almost every day reviewing lab results and progress notes ensuring that the treatment plans are being carried out accurately as well as following up with patients after their treatments. She is also the person people seek in the dark times of cancer treatment. Maria knows just what to say to provide comfort to the patients struggling. She will make a point to visit her patients that are admitted to provide extra emotional support. Besides being caring and generous with her time, she is one of the smartest nurses you will ever come across. She has a deep clinical knowledge of oncology, which is so impressive since the field is ever changing with new treatment options. She is the ""go-to" nurse for Riverview's oncologists anytime they have a question or concern about a patient or treatment plan and she almost always has the answer. She is truly superwoman and she is so deserving of this nomination.  – Nominated by Mary O. Caitlin was nominated for Teacher of the Year at Lawrence Central where she teaches autistic and hard to reach students. Personal and social skills, as well as preparing them for graduation and the real world of working, has seen her providing them with interview and resume skills in addition to their course work. She spends hours after school finding new lessons that will engage this population in addition to working with other teacher and parents to see the teenagers succeed. She has on her dime taken her students to movies, planned a prom day and buys each student a special birthday surprise. While teaching paperwork is tremendously tedious, she knows the importance and time commitment results in the best communication to all parties. She goes above and beyond what the administration and state of Indiana requires. So many parents, students, other teachers and staff have advised what a wonderful addition she has been the last two years since she began her teaching journey….and this makes a mother proud as she is a loving, caring young woman. – Nominated by Mary E.

Nurse Spotlight: Catherine B., BSN, RN, CCRN


Teacher Spotlight: Justin L.

Jeffersonville High School - English

Catherine is a force to be reckoned with. She is one of the strongest women I know. Having worked in ICU for years, she has seen everything, from patients dying of natural causes, to patients dying from complications from surgery, and most recently fighting the biggest battle in the healthcare industry since the beginning of her career...Covid 19. I was afraid for her. She's always been my best friend. My biggest supporter. I worried for her safety and for her health, but in true Catherine fashion, she stepped up. She faced the monster head on and she didn't cower. Not only did she work her regular shifts, but she picked up extra shifts. She stepped up when the unit was short staffed. She stepped up when her coworkers got sick themselves. She held iPads for dying patients so they could say good bye to their families before they passed. It was hard for her, but she came through. She came through for everyone. She's amazing. I could tell she was scared, but she knew she couldn't be around others while working the ICU. Rather than sit at home bored to tears on her off days, she made herself useful. She did what was right. She sheltered away from her loved ones and from the public because she knew it wasn't safe and that she might infect someone. So she stepped in. She stepped up. And to this day, she fights...for health, for patients, for families. There is no truer hero than she.  – Nominated by Elizabeth H. If there was a teacher who has done everything in his power to improve the lives of others it's Mr. L. He's represented his school via Teacher Union in Indianapolis, being vocal for teacher pay increase and freedom of teachers to teach. Mr. L. is a coach for Model UN, Debate, Academic Bowl, and he's also the Newspaper/Journalism Adviser; he's done more to keep academics alive in his school than most people I know. He genuinely cares about his students and his impact on everyone is immense. Mr. L. is someone students can always rely on to talk to, and it's no wonder his students such as myself trust him so much. He's the man with an answer for every question, and his kindness is perhaps his most redeeming quality. – Nominated by Yousaf Q.

Nurse Spotlight: Lisa K., RN, Certified Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nurse

Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health

Teacher Spotlight: Anne G.

Edgewood Junior High School - Special Education Connections Teacher

Lisa is a RN with an advanced degree from Emory University as a WOCN (Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse) and holds a master’s degree in nursing education from the University of Indianapolis. Lisa has been a nurse for 45+ years working the past 19 years at Riley Children's Hospital and previously 26 years at St. Vincent Hospital. While working full time most of her professional life, Lisa raised three strong, independent, and successful children. She is recognized nationally for her wound care, ostomy and G-tube knowledge and application. She has also been awarded multiple “Red Shoes” awards at Riley for her caring and compassionate customer service toward her patients and their families.  – Nominated by Michael K.
Mrs. G. is an amazing teacher. Her students are people to her, not just another body in a seat. She teaches to them, not at them. She is in charge of a new program at the school for kids who would otherwise fall through the cracks. If it wasn't for her, that program would not exist. Because of her guidance, my daughter is learning math in a way that she understands. She has the patience of a saint. Mrs. G. keeps up to date on modern teaching methods for kids with special needs, on her own time. My daughter loves going to school this year because of Mrs. G. She is also the reason that my daughter is no longer falling behind her peers. She is now gaining ground and learning in a supportive environment. My daughter feels heard and seen in Mrs. G's class, even though she has challenges with communication. Mrs. G. is also a great advocate for the kids in her class who would normally be overlooked just because they have challenges. She genuinely cares. – Nominated by Jennifer K.

Nurse Spotlight: Blair W., RN

Ascension St. Vincent Hospital

Teacher Spotlight: Lucas G.

Raymond Park Intermediate Middle School - 8th Grade Science

I am nominating Blair because Blair has changed so many lives, including mine. I first met her when she was my preceptor when I was in my last semester of nursing school. I was incredibly nervous for this clinical rotation, as this was my first time working a full nursing schedule. All the text book knowledge and skills I had learned earlier in the program were going to finally be put to the test. I had been lucky to have her take me on as a preceptee, as I had known I wanted to work in mental health ever since I had gotten my first degree in psychology. There had only been one student spot available, and I had gotten it. Blair was more than accommodating with me. She took the time to explain the hard concepts, such as various names of thought processes and types of affect with patients. She had patience with me learning to find my rhythm and allowed me to gain confidence as a nurse. She took time to put together a binder with all of her tips, tricks, and ways to organize yourself as a new nurse. After 120 hours together, I was able to handle the full patient load on my own. She even suggested I apply for a job. I ended up leaving that semester with a guaranteed job on the unit. Blair only continued to amaze me more as a coworker. I've seen her time and time again recognize that a patient was about to decompensate. That nursing "gut" feeling is absolutely real and hers is quick and accurate. I've seen her stay over late to complete hard admissions, as well as come in early so that a tired burn out nurse can get some extra sleep. She doesn't only care for the patient; however. She takes time to update and care for families during visitation times. She also makes sure that patient's worries are put to rest when they have to leave their pets at home so they can seek treatment for their mental health. She has opened doors for our company to work with a local shelter that will take the patients pet while they are in the hospital. I look up to her for going back to school to pursue her degree as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner while continuing to work full time as an RN. She gives all those whose lives she touches hope. Hope to better themselves and hope that there are still genuine and caring people out there. She is a light in the darkness for our patients and I would love for her to receive this award as a token of appreciation for all that she does. Thank you. – Nominated by Ciara S. Mr. Lucas G. is a teacher at Raymond Park Intermediate School. He created and runs the Science Olympiad program where a group of students study subjects and compete with other like schools. My daughter was in his class and Science Olympiad program several years ago. She has since graduated from Purdue and commissioned into the Air Force. I really think that this program gave her the confidence to learn to work with a group of students, figure out problems, and compete against other students. He is so dedicated to his students. This program takes a lot of patience, time and energy, but the rewards are so worth it. The students love him even when he pushed them hard. Even the parents get involved. We loved going to competitions with them and helping to organize them, supplying snacks and celebrating their wins. We really missed the program when she moved on to high school. He is so deserving of recognition for all his dedication and time. Thank you. – Nominated by Teresa C.