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General IMCU FAQ

Common Questions
What is IMCU's routing number?
How can I reorder checks?
How do I place a stop-payment on a check?
You can place a Stop Payment online or at a branch. To place a Stop Payment online, sign into NetTeller. Navigate to the “Transaction” tab. Locate the “Stop Payment” option at the top, and complete all the required fields and click “Submit”. A Stop Payment fee of $32 will be posted to your checking account when the form is submitted.
How do I sign up for online banking?
Visit IMCU.COM and near the “Online Banking” section in the upper right corner, click on “enroll”.
Do I need to notify the credit union if I’m traveling?
Yes. If you are traveling out of the state or out of the country and we are notified, we will place a travel notice on your debit or credit card to help with fraud monitoring. Using the mobile app, you can provide the destinations and dates of travel under “Card Controls”, “Scheduled Travel”. You can also contact us through the Message Center (located in the upper right navigation bar in NetTeller), via Live Chat (located in the upper right corner of NetTeller), or by phone at 800.556.9268 or 317.248.8556
How do I change my address online?
You can update your address by logging into NetTeller and sending a message through Message Center (located in the upper right navigation bar in NetTeller) or via Live Chat (located in the upper right corner of NetTeller).
Does IMCU offer credit card rewards?
Yes, visit our credit card page for more details on the rewards programs available.
How do I change my username, password or email on my account?
You can update this information by logging into NetTeller and clicking on the “Settings” tab. Click “Submit” once your changes have been made.
How do I sign up for eStatement?
You sign up for eStatement via NetTeller (online banking). Click on the tab “eStatements” and follow the prompts to enroll. You may also call Member Services at 800.556.9268 or 317.248.8556
How do I access my statements?
Sign into NetTeller and click on the “eStatements” tab. This will open a new window where you can view previous month’s statements by clicking “View History”. If a new window doesn’t open, you will need to enable Pop-ups for our website to view your eStatements.
How do I enable Pop-ups to view my eStatements?
Follow these steps to enable pop-ups depending on the browser you are using:

  1. In the top-right corner of Chrome, click on the Chrome Menu
  2.  Select “Settings”
  3.  Click “Show advanced settings”
  4.  Under “Privacy”, click the “Content Settings” button
  5.  Under “Pop-Ups”, select “Allow all sites to show pop-ups”
  1. From the Safari Menu, chose “Preferences” and click on the “Security” tab
  2.  Ensure the “Block pop-up windows” option is not checked. Unchecking the option will allow pop-ups
  1. Go to Menu and select “Preferences” or “Options”
  2. Click on “Content”
  3.  Uncheck the box next to “Block pop-up window” or add website URL as “Exception”

Internet Explorer
  1.  Click on the gear icon in the top right corner
  2.  Select “Internet Options”
  3. Select the “Privacy” tab
  4. Uncheck the box next to “Turn on Pop-Up Blocker”