Debit & Credit FAQ

I’ve misplaced my debit card. How can I temporarily suspend my card from being used?
Login to Digital Banking and select Card Services, then Debit Card Controls , and turn off access to the cards you can’t locate. You can turn them back on when you relocate them and want to begin using again.
How do I report my debit card lost or stolen?
Through Digital Banking, select Card Services, then Debit Card Controls. Select Card Details for the lost or missing card, and then select Report Lost or Stolen.  You may also contact IMCU Member Services as soon as you notice your card has been lost or stolen. 800.556.9268
How do I report suspicious transactions or suspected fraud on my account or with my debit card?

If you know you’ve had fraud on your account, you may be able to dispute a transaction in digital banking. Login to Digital Banking, navigate to your transaction in question and select the 3 dots to the right. If the option of Dispute Transaction appears, you can select that option and complete the request. 

You may also contact Member Services during business hours and file a dispute for the fraudulent charges.  Outside of business hours, call 800.556.9268 and listen for the prompts to be directed to cancel your debit card to avoid additional fraudulent charges.  Contact Member Services the next business day to file a dispute.  Member Services – 800.556.9268



If you have received a call from the Fraud department regarding fraudulent charges, return the call to verify transactions in order for standard use to resume. Fraud Services - 888.918.7313  



If you have lost your debit card, login to Digital Banking and select Card Services. Select the card you have lost and chose Report Lost or Stolen. You may also contact Member Services at 800.556.9268. Outside of business hours, please call 866.541.2915.



If you need to set or reset a PIN, contact 866.985.2273

How do I activate my debit card?
A removable sticker will be on your new debit card when in arrives it the mail. Call the number on the sticker to activate the card.
Is there a fee for using my debit card?
No, IMCU doesn’t charge fees for using your debit card, provided you have funds in your account to cover the transaction.
What does EMV Chip Card mean?
EMV Chip cards provide an extra layer of protection with information programmed into a chip within the debit card. The information is personalized for your account and each transaction is unique, adding a new safeguard against fraud.
How do I get a Replacement Debit Card?
You can visit any IMCU Branch and have a replacement debit card printed and sent to you. In addition, you can call Member Services at 800.556.9268 to have one mailed to you.