Bower & Co. Handcrafted Jewelry

We are excited to feature Ellen Bower as a woman-owned business. Bower & Co. is a Custom Jewelry Design Studio, founded by Ellen Bower in 2016. Specializing in custom jewelry design and manufacture, heirloom restoration, diamond and gemstone sourcing. Private consultations are by appointment.

Jewelry is unique and personal. Bower & Co’s private consultations and transparency throughout each process allows the attention to all the fine details, culminating into a cherished heirloom.

Ellen Bower

As a young girl, her father George, bought a pre-civil war farmhouse near Bloomington and the family moved from Ellettsville into the rural property that is now the gathering place for all Bower celebrations.

Her Fine Arts studies at John Herron moved her to Indianapolis where she began apprenticing under a local jeweler. Determining jewelry was her path, she began working for a larger remount company where she developed and perfected her fabrication and model making skills.

Ellen spent the greatest duration of her career at G Thrapp Jewelers where she was VP and Head designer. She brought their manufacturing in house, creating their Design Studio. The vast exposure to antique and period jewelry during this time inspired her process and aesthetic. She feels working with a client to fulfill their vision is the most rewarding.

Thank you Ellen for being a valued IMCU business member! We invite you to follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram @bowerandco

To schedule an appointment, 317-528-0825

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*Pictured left to right: Ellen Bower, Owner, Bower & Co. and Misty Faulkner, IMCU Center Grove Branch Manager.