Online love, invest money?

You’ve recently met an online love interest. In most cases, you haven’t met in person but maybe you’ve FaceTimed with them (or so you think). They’ve shared details about their personal life and so have you and now you have an emotional connection that clouds judgment that they could ever be a dishonest person. After all, they have told you details they’ve never felt comfortable to share with anyone else. They have led you to believe they are experts in investing and wish to show you how to invest in cryptocurrency. Maybe they ask to start small, but then they become pushy to invest more. Each request they encourage a little larger investment.

A few key points in these scams include:
· Promising a large profit;
· Stating there is little to no risk;
· They claim they can help you learn; and
· They tell you how to send the money which is usually urgent and includes cryptocurrency.

True financial advisors use other means to invest money and they won’t contact you through social media. If you think you’ve been a victim to this type of scam, please contact the credit union immediately.

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